KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — There are healing powers in flowers. That’s why two Knoxville nonprofits are partnering to deliver bouquets to the doorsteps of breast cancer patients.

Inside the warehouse for Random Acts of Flowers, healing blooms. It’s a nonprofit dedicated to creating floral arrangements for people who are recovering in healthcare facilities.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge bouquet, or a small bud vase with two or three flowers in it — the impact is the same,” said Mick Reed, the executive director for Random Acts of Flowers.

Volunteers get together each week to arrange donated flowers into new works of art. Reed knows there’s power in their process.

“Our purpose is to provide an emotional boost to those who are in a healthcare facility by providing them with recycled flowers, a smile and a personal moment of kindness,” he said.

That’s why they are partnered with another Knoxville nonprofit, Breast Connect.

“We provide them with flowers that they can provide to their patients that are battling breast cancer,” Reed said.

The partnership is a natural fit for the two groups committed to serving their community.

“We just know what an impact it makes on them during their healing journey,” said Stephanie Ewers, an administrative member with Breast Connect.

Each person who has breast cancer surgery gets a bouquet delivery as part of a free care package.

Breast Connect partnered with Courage to Conquer Cancer a few years ago. As part of the initiative, called “Connect to Conquer,” breast cancer patients get mastectomy care packages complete with a recovery tee shirt, underarm pillows, a drain apron and other comfort care items.

“All of those things cost a lot of money,” Ewers said. “The packages themselves are well worth over $100 retail.”

Those gifts grow feelings of support.

“In our private Facebook group, all the women that receive flowers always post pictures of them and say how much joy it brought to them,” Ewers said.

From the warehouse to the warrior. Fellow survivors pick up and make the flower deliveries right to the fighter’s doorstep.

It’s a chance to share a smile, talk about similar experiences and offer a listening ear. It all helps the healing continue to bloom.

Both nonprofits are always looking for donations and volunteers.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so by visiting and

Breast Connect always appreciates donations that help to fund the care packages and various needs in the breast cancer community.

You can always donate vases, flowers and money to Random Acts of Flowers. Just get in contact with the Knoxville office to coordinate.

Every 10th of the month, WBIR encourages you and a friend to do a “Buddy heck 10.” It’s a monthly reminder to do a breast self-check and tell your buddy to do the same. Early detection is key in the fight against breast cancer.