Recent Recipient Testimonials

Share Kindness and Receive Kindness

Random Acts of Flowers delivers hope, encouragement, and kindness through thousands of repurposed bouquets annually. The monumental impact this simple act of generosity has on members of our community is evident by the joy spread, smiles shared, and gratitude we receive by way of numerous heartfelt cards, emails and phone calls. We feel honored to be able to share some of these kinds words of appreciation from just a few of our most recent recipients and healthcare partner facilities.

“I was at the Cancer Center last week and there were beautiful flowers you had donated for cancer patients to take home with them. I chose one to bring home with me. I’m 81 years of age and have never had anyone be so thoughtful to patients. It was so special. The one I chose was by Jean. She needs to know how much it was appreciated. Thank you and God Bless in all you do.”

-Healthcare Recipient

” Today was just another long day- one where we spent this morning at the surgery center with our 2 year old who has CP and is Autistic. We came home and our Developmental Therapist was up the driveway with the most beautiful purple flowers. She told us that we were receiving them courtesy of a Nonprofit called “RAF Knoxville”. To say that these were amazingly uplifting after a very rough day is an understatement. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!! A special thank you to “Libby” for beautiful bouquet you created and for lifting this mommas spirts!”


“Thank you for bringing all those flowers for the patients at Fresenius Dialysis in Cedar bluff, they absolutely loved them!!! Again, it was so wonderful! It put such a big smile on their faces and made the whole clinic smell like Heaven! This delivery brought so much more than beautiful flowers, it brought joy and warmth!”

-healthcare partner

” My Father has been in the hospital for 3 weeks, he has now been put on Hospice and they say he doesn’t have long to live. My Mother passed away in 2021 from Covid. I’m a 3rd generation only child -so on my Mother’s side there aren’t any aunts, uncles, cousins, or siblings to help me with my Father-it’s just me. I work during the day and come to the hospital every evening and stay til about 12-1 am. With my Father getting worse it’s so hard and depressing coming into the room every evening knowing it might be my last time seeing him. But today when I came in to my surprise, there were flowers!! I just started crying! What a blessing and a ray of sunshine to give a complete stranger!! What an amazing organization and donors!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Charlie and Moll (donors) and everyone that was involved!!!! God bless all of you.

-family member of Healthcare recipient

“Dear Random Acts of Flowers, A wonderful bouquet of flowers was included with my mobile meals delivery on September 26. These flowers have lived beautifully for almost two weeks, and are just now beginning to wilt. They are a constant reminder and get-well message. While I don’t know “what friend” requested or who created… I must send these thank you’s to all! “


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