Interested in learning more about bringing a group to RAF Knoxville? Read our Volunteer FAQs and fill out our

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or email Program Manager Debbie Fettig at Debbie@RAFKnoxville.org

Delivery Sponsorships

DELIVERY CARD SPONSORSHIP ($1 per card, 250 card minimum)

One of the easiest ways to support us is to directly sponsor our deliveries of recycled flowers, encouragement, and personal moments of kindness. Become a monthly sponsor, sponsor deliveries to a particular facility, or sponsor one of our special deliveries over the holidays (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Veteran’s Day and other major days of recognition(.

Your company’s logo will appear on the delivery card of every bouquet delivered as part of your sponsorship.

The inside of the card contains three main areas:

  • Promotes a corporate partner that financially supports the mission.
  • The volunteer who created the bouquet signs their name, offering a personal community connection to the recipient.
  • Acknowledges where the flowers have been donated from to make the bouquet.

“To the organizers & sponsors, and especially Trader Joe’s and Lisa, what a kind and thoughtful gift you give to patients. We certainly appreciated the beautiful yellow lilies that continued to open for days that came to Jack during his hospital stay. A sincere thank you.”

Team Building/Day of Service

Engage your group in a customizable and unique team-building experience that acquaints your team with all aspects of RAF’s mission and has a lasting impact on the community. Days of Service take place either outside or in lieu of our regular mission days and are personalized for your group. We close the shop and focus solely on your group’s experience.

A full day of service ($1,250 donation for 1-20 people) includes:

  • Organizational overview
  • Floral prep and design mini-lesson
  • 1-2 hours of floral prep and arranging
  • Lunch break
  • Floral delivery at a healthcare facility

A half-day of service ($750 donation for 1-20 people) includes:

  • Organizational overview
  • Choice between floral prep mini-lesson with 2-3 hours of floral prep,
    or floral design mini-lesson with 2-3 hours of arranging.

“This place is phenomenal. It is a great concept of bringing smiles and happiness one flower at a time. Had a great day with my coworkers from Determine, Inc. for our Day of Service. We loved putting the bouquet of flowers together and we loved delivering them to the residents at the nursing homes even more. Every resident was so appreciative to receive the gifts. Every encounter was a blessing.”

Gather your friends and colleagues for a happy hour experience like none other. Flowers After Hours is a perfect way to participate in our mission of hope and kindness, while enjoying drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and the healing power of flowers. Attendees will participate in a hands-on demonstration with a local floral design expert. Each person will take home an arrangement that they create to enjoy at home. Any additional arrangements made will be donated to our deliveries at nursing homes and hospitals throughout the week. No previous floral experience necessary!

“Such a good time! Such a wonderful cause! I really enjoyed the evening and meeting several new ladies!”
“Great event! Met some lovely new women and learned a new skill!”

Flowers After Hours includes:

  • Organizational Overview
  • Meet and Greet with fellow attendees
  • Floral Instruction from a local florist
  • One floral arrangement to take home and enjoy!

Minimum of 15 participants required for a private Flowers After Hours.

Bi-monthly public Flowers After Hours are also available (please see our Events tab for more information).

Vase Drive

Random Acts of Flowers re-purposes vases, reducing the impact on our landfills, by actively collecting vase donations to support our mission. Nearly 500 delivered bouquets each week are arranged in donated vases!. Help keep RAF’s shelves stocked by encouraging group participation and holding a “vase drive.” Challenge your teams by setting a goal and/or asking them to include $1 in each vase, then match the total with a tax-deductible donation. RAF will provide marketing materials and work with your team to ensure a seamless vase drive.

Percent of Sales Event

Involve your audience and the community by hosting a “percent-of-sales” event benefitting Random Acts of Flowers. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your business’ community commitment as well as an important opportunity to introduce RAF to new patrons. RAF will work with your marketing team to create cross-promotional elements to generate sales, including targeting RAF volunteers, to further build on your support of RAF’s mission.

Operational Underwriting

Each RAF branch operates on an efficient budget with expenses that may be offset by support from the community.

You can support our mission contributing funds or in-kind services including:

  • $250 Overhead Cost of 25 Arrangements
  • $500 Floral Supplies for 6 months
  • $1000 Annual workshop supplies
  • $1200 Facility Utilities + Maintenance for 1 month
  • $2500 Deliveries to a senior care facility for 1 year
  • $5000 Monthly Deliveries to a hospital for 1 year

Interested in learning more about bringing a group to RAF Knoxville? Read our Volunteer FAQs and fill out our

Group Inquiry Form

or email Program Manager Debbie Fettig at Debbie@RAFKnoxville.org.