PRovider Partners

Random Acts of Flowers works with several different types of provider partners in the floral industry. RAF receives flowers from:

  • Wholesale floral companies

  • Grocery stores

  • Memorials (funeral homes)

  • Weddings / Events

Recipient Partners

We also partner with healthcare facilities where we deliver our beautiful bouquets of hope and encouragement to individuals. Here are some of the types of facilities we typically deliver to:

  • Hospitals

  • Long term and senior care facilities

  • Memory care facilities

  • Dialysis centers

Corporate Partners

There are many ways an organization can support RAF. Feel free to review the section on corporate partnerships for how your organization may become involved with our mission!

“Random Acts of Flowers has been a meaningful partnership for our team members to build relationships with people in their community, gain skills and explore their interests in a way that may provide paid employment opportunities in the futures.”