Special Delivery Weeks

With the help of community sponsors Throughout the year, Random Acts of Flowers designates dedicated weeks to deliver floral bouquets to specific groups of individuals.

Share the Love Week

February is a month that is known for Valentine’s Day, a day in which we give love and kindness to those who matter the most to us. Here at Random Acts of Flowers, we like to “Share the Love,” during a dedicated week in February, where we provide beautiful floral arrangements made especially for members of our community receiving services from outpatient health care facilities.



Brightest Week

During June when the Summer Solstice occurs, we experience our longest day with our most sunlight. For those members of our community faced with memory disorders, longer days with more light means less affects from sundown syndrome. During this week, we provide over 500 bouquets to healthcare recipients residing in memory care units.


Veterans’ Week

We honor our Veterans in November, during Veterans’ Day week, by thanking them for their service with a beautiful floral arrangement and a personal moment of kindness. We have annually provided over 500 bouquets to veterans residing in senior care and assisted living facilities in our regional area during this week.

Poinsettia Delivery Weeks

Our longest running Random Acts of Flowers tradition and sponsored week is our Holiday Poinsettia Delivery Weeks. Every holiday season, Random Acts of Flowers has provided residents and patients in community healthcare facilities with hundreds of poinsettias; as well as, much needed holiday spirit annually during a challenging time.

Are you interested in becoming a corporate or individual sponsor for one of our special delivery weeks?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one of our established weeks, or if your company is interested in sponsoring their own designated week, please contact mick@rafknoxville.org.