Donating Flowers to RAF

Random Acts of Flowers (RAF) is grateful to you for considering donating your flowers!
People in our community who are struggling with injury, illness, or loneliness will be uplifted knowing that their community cares.

At Random Acts of Flowers, we transform lightly used flowers into beautiful bouquets, which we deliver – along with a moment of kindness – to our neighbors in healthcare facilities. We receive flowers from florists, grocery stores, wholesalers, some of our most special donations come from local events, weddings, funerals, and celebrations of life.

We’re grateful for your donation. We know your flowers have already served a very special purpose and we are thankful that their beauty can continue to provide kindness, encouragement, and support to neighbors in our community. We are able to pick up floral donations from public venues; such as, churches, funeral homes, event spaces, etc. However, we are not able to pick up flowers from private residences or at graveside. Flowers can also be donated directly to our facility during normal business hours, as well. For more information on donating flowers, read our Floral Donation FAQs. To submit a request for floral donation, see below.

Interested in donating your wedding flowers? Visit our wedding floral donation page to learn more about the process or submit your inquiry below!
Donating memorial flowers to R.A.F. is a meaningful and compassionate way to pay tribute to a loved one. Click below to gift a legacy of compassion.  
Hosting an event and wanting your celebratory florals to have a second life of joy? Click below for our general events floral donation form.

What Happens Next?

  • RAF will work with you to finalize pick-up details, which includes the completion of our floral donation and agreement forms that must be finalized no less than two weeks prior to pick up.
  • If you are able to drop off your flowers at the RAF location at 2936 Middlebrook Pike, that would be so appreciated! If not, RAF will pick up flowers from the venue or florist at a designated time following the event. Please note our business hours (M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • RAF volunteers will deconstruct all arrangements, composting any unusable stems and disposing of ribbons, pins, foam, etc. in the most eco-friendly way
  • Re-purposed bouquets will be hand-delivered to patients in an area healthcare facility within 48 hours.

How Does RAF Work?


RAF is proud and honored to repurpose wedding/event flowers for people in area healthcare facilities. Once the flowers are brought back to RAF’s workshop, volunteers disassemble arrangements, give all flowers a fresh cut and fresh water. A second group of volunteers use the flowers to create new bouquets, which are then hand-delivered to a person in a healthcare facility by a third volunteer group. This whole process takes 24 hours!
Floral donations can be dropped off to RAF Knoxville Mondays-Fridays, from 8am-4pm. If needed, RAF is generally able to pick up floral donations within a 30 minute radius of our facility in Evanston. If a weekend pick up is required, a volunteer may be available, although typically we would prefer to pick up from either the venue or the florist on Monday morning. RAF would love to accept vase/container donations, but if the vases/containers need to be returned we may be able to drop off floral buckets before the event.
For planning and scheduling purposes, please coordinate a wedding/event floral donation with RAF at least two weeks before the event.
Yes. Following the event, RAF will issue a donation acknowledgement letter that will provide the date of donation and RAF’s tax exempt letter for your records.


If you would like to move forward with donating your flowers to RAF to be repurposed into new bouquets, please complete the below inquiry form. An RAF representative will follow up to discuss next steps and further details.